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The Wheel of Self Discovery Assessment

Karuna journeys are inspired by the ACCESS™ framework, which stands for Awareness, Connection, Compassion, Engagement, Spirituality, and Sustainability. The ACCESS™ framework captures almost all aspects of the science of happiness in a highly ordered and easy-to-learn format. This framework was informed by the findings of decades of evidence based research that karuna’s scientific advisory board members and their peers have dedicated their lives to.
The wheel of self-discovery is an interactive tool to measure your Awareness, Compassion, Connection, Engagement, Spirituality, and Sustainability (ACCESS) The assessment helps you determine where your strengths and opportunities for growth fall within the six ACCESS categories so you can learn and grow in each category as you journey to discover the joy of your inner child.
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The ACCESS Categories


A state of mindfulness in which we connect with all of our senses. It is the cultivation of individual and collective presence through emotional intelligence. It is the recognition and dissolution of emotional blocks to make way for a more fulfilled life.


The ability and desire to not just emphasize with others and self but to be present to listen, soothe, and support. It encourages us to expand our hearts and act as agents of love and kindness serving as a catalyst for self-healing and communal joy.


The authentic meeting of inner and outer worlds. It builds relationships and healthy communication, teaching us to respond rather than react. It allows people to set healthy boundaries and create an environment of mindful connection.


Participation in existing world structures and the creation of new ones, losing all sense of time and ego, and being completely immersed and in a state of flow. 


Connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Religion is not a prerequisite for spirituality. Spirituality is an act of rejuvenation, reflection, and constant reconnection with that which is ungraspable yet palpable.


The resilience to maintain our wellbeing and continue our journey of personal growth in daily life through passion, perseverance, dedication, action, curiosity, and care. 
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The Wheel of Self Discovery Assessment