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Transform negative self-talk, stress and anxiety into positive emotions and inner peace in as little as 15-minutes a day with playful micro-journeys embedded in the science of happiness and ancient wisdom.
  • Evidence-based micro-practices
  • Acclaimed and accredited teachers
  • Personalize your learning pace
  • Low-time,  high-impact engagement
  • Multi-disciplinary healing modalities
  • Dynamic, growing collective of courses
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Meet Some of Your Teachers

Collective teachers bring their unique modality, a lifetime of service, resources, and top accreditations to co-create a rich, diverse, and dynamic learning community for all.

Arun Sardana

Step fearlessly into your personal growth to set your inner child free.

Linda Cooper

Witness personal transformation in your own words.

Mónica Ventura

Harness the power of creativity to unleash the joy of your inner child.

Bhaskar Das

Journey with the ancient wisdom of Indian Ragas and positive affirmations to heal your inner child.

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Transformation You Can Count On

Karuna's micro-journeys adhere to the highest quality standards in the science of happiness and ancient wisdom to create transformation you can count on.

At Karuna, we carefully curate all of our micro-journeys.
We ask the questions:
  • Is it measurable so you can witness the results?
  • Is it easy and habit-forming?
  • Is it built on an existing body of scientific work?

Our Scientific Advisory Board members are some of the world's leading researchers in the science of wellbeing. We look to their groundbreaking work to inform and inspire our program methodologies and quality assurance standards.
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ACCESS Framework

For all our micro-journeys we use our proprietary, playful and habit forming ACCESS™ framework guided by acclaimed experts from across the world
Why access™ framework

The Simple Logic Of
The ACCESS™ Framework

All our transformational journeys begin with self-awareness of our belief systems, values, triggers, and childhood experiences. With self-compassion, we can begin to understand that what happened to us what not our fault so we may forgive ourselves and those who may have harmed us. This allows us to form a healthier and positive connection with ourselves and with others. Respectful boundaries and healthy relationships enable our engagement with life in a state of flow when we lose the sense of time and ego. The natural result of this egoless state is an understanding of our unique spirituality - that there is something much larger than our personal being. When we follow the first five steps of ACCESS, we begin to build the resilience muscle so we may rise from adverse situations more quickly, thus becoming more sustainable.

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