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Arun Sardana is a visionary storyteller, an entrepreneur turned social changemaker, and a published author. In collaboration with the Karuna Collective teachers and members of our Scientific Advisory Board, he brings transformational programs to festivals, corporations, nonprofits, and more. All programs are 100% donation-based and support the Karuna Happiness Foundation's mission to make wellbeing accessible to all.
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on-demand online micro-journeys and in-person experiences

We help your people thrive through playful wellbeing.

We curate evidence-based on-demand online micro-journeys and in-person playful experiences to help people break the vicious cycles of stress, anxiety and burnout by helping them heal their inner child.
We call it Wellbeing at Play™.

Sample topics of playful wellbeing

  • Free at last: Finding freedom from stress, anxiety
and burnout
  • Learned resilience: Strengthening the
    resilience muscle to manage adversity
  • Finding meaning: What you were told was
    important but actually isn’t
  • Finding your flow state: Getting high on
    productivity and focus
  • Ego and burnout: Live authentically and transform burnout into purpose

As seen in

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Transformational Musical Experiences

karuna experiences reverberate in your
body through the powerful frequencies of
Indian ragas, an ancient healing system
of music. The spoken word of meditative
affirmations propels these mystical

Karuna Collective at Work

Members of our Karuna Collective, including teachers, scientific advisory board, and foundation board members, are among the leading voices for inner child healing and the science of wellbeing. Together, we create custom workshops and events to elevate wellbeing for changemakers, companies, and nodal networks that will impact thousands more.

the chocolate effectTM workshops

For nearly ten years, Arun has delighted audiences with his signature workshop: the chocolate effect™: stress, laughter & the pursuit of happiness. This fun-filled workshop is packed with positive interventions and tools that are scientifically proven to not only improve our sense of self and well-being, but also enhance our focus and productivity in personal and professional life.

Wellbeing at Play™

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What people are saying

I thought this was an incredible experience when Arun came up  on stage...his words and the way he spoke was deeply powerful,  moving and engaging for people.
The way he ended the exercise with people looking at each other  and then hugging, I think the whole experience was healing,  soothing, and really loving. I really loved it.
Raj Sisodia, co-founder
Conscious capitalism
I don't know anybody who couldn't benefit from this session. He's a gifted speaker. He has heart for what he's doing. And he makes walk out feeling immediately more grateful, and more loving, and more compassionate. So, you can't beat that.
Jan fox, public speaking Coach
4x Emmy Award winner, TV anchor
Today’s session with Arun Sardana was very moving. Actually, it was quite impactful when you listen to him on stage, the way he guides  the meditation is amazing, I think  it’s wonderful.
Xavi Ginesta, co-founder
festival of consciousness

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