Reparent and Heal Your Inner Child: Art as Therapy For Inner Child Healing

A micro- journey to safely reconnect with
your inner child’s sense of wonder 

This Course will Guide You to 

Uncover underlying causes of maladjustment in adulthood and process childhood-related issues

Reduce stress, anxiety and create a sense of inner safety

Build a connection with your inner child and feel a returned sense of child-like wonder


Mónica Ventura

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Art Therapist
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Mónica Ventura (M.A., PSY) is a Licensed Psychologist and Art Therapist from Costa Rica. In her private practice, Mónica currently works with children, adolescents, and adults ( in individual and group settings. She got her Masters's Degree in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling at George Washington University and has another Masters degree in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy.

In addition she, completed her training in EMDR and is an EMDR Certified Sandtray Specialist. Monica has presented in the American Art Therapy Association (2018, 2020), in the Expressive Therapies Summit, (2021,2022)and regularly , offers Art Therapy and Sandtray courses for mental health professionals.

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