Access a Life
Full of Joy With
Reflective Writing

A Micro-Journey of Vibrancy

This Course Will Guide You to 

Foster a deep authentic connection as you give voice to your inner child that longs to be seen and heard

Envision your deepest dreams and desires through the written word.

Empower yourself through the re-imagining and re-writing of your new story.


Linda Cooper

 ​​Counselor, Life Transitions Coach and Author 
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Linda Cooper is a trauma-informed counselor, life coach, educator, transitions writing specialist, journal facilitator, magazine columnist, certified yoga instructor, author of the Journaling Journeys series and the upcoming Somatic Success Factor, and is the founder of Inward Bound Coaching.

With over 25 years of counseling, coaching, and writing experience, Linda is a powerhouse of expertise in transformational healing modalities. She combines all of her knowledge and skills to create a safe, supportive space for her clients and readers alike, to explore and empower themselves to successfully navigate the inner and outer landscape of change and create a richer more fulfilling life.

Tips to take with
you on your journey

Be Supportive 😊

Encourage and support yourself and others. No one here is looking for criticism, cynicism, or judgment. Together, we can create a community of happy, thriving individuals who are constantly moving towards ever-higher levels of happiness

Share generously 🙂

We're here to support each other on the journey to happiness and to share our stories and experiences with one another. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what someone needs to hear to be inspired in a new way. So we encourage you to share generously.

Be constructive 🙃

We’re here to connect to our inner child and lift each other up. Find ways to help each other think bigger, reframe challenges, and stay curious. You're a part of something beautiful.