Chasing Your Dreams When it's Hard to Get Out of Bed

What is Emotional Well-Being?
Are you feeling stuck in your dreams lately? We all have the ability to dream big, but turning those dreams into a reality is a different story. Chasing your dreams takes confidence, discipline, and determination, all of which are difficult to embody when you have a hard time getting out of bed. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t fret, as we’re here to help. 

Chasing your dreams won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. We’re all capable of achieving our dreams if we work hard enough. Your journey won’t look like someone else’s - we all walk unique paths in this life. If you’re ready to reignite the passion in your dreams and start working towards them, continue reading as we discuss the best ways to do so. 

What is Your Dream?

We all have dreams in life, even if we don’t realize or recognize them right away. To have a dream is to have hope, excitement, and passion. Dreams are unique and are meant to be specific to you. Not sure what your dream is? That’s okay! Try to think back to your childhood. What were your dreams as a child? Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut or the president, or perhaps you dreamed of changing the world or developing new technology.

Our childhood dreams can give us insight into our most authentic selves - before the opinions and pressures of others shifted our perceptions. As children, we’re curious and optimistic, and we dream big. If your childhood experiences don’t give you any insight into what your dream is, try these exercises: 

  • Reflect on your interests and hobbies
  • Identify and reflect on your values
  • Visualize what kind of life you want to live
  • Assess what makes you happy vs. what doesn’t make you happy
  • Talk with a loved one

Reaching Your Dreams
Remember that everyone’s journey is unique to them. What works for someone else may not work for you, and that’s okay! That’s a natural part of life. The first step in reaching your dreams is clearly defining them. Once you’ve identified what your specific dream is, it’s time to get to planning! 

Goal Setting
Setting goals can be overwhelming. It can be easy to become disheartened by the amount of time, steps, and work that goes into reaching your dreams. That’s why we highly recommend practicing goal breakdown. Goal breakdown is the concept of taking one large goal and separating it into multiple smaller parts. This removes the pressure and overwhelming feelings of reaching toward the large goal. 

For example, if your goal is to become a professional writer, your goal breakdown may look something like this:

Goal: Become a Professional writer
Goal breakdown:

  • Conduct research on becoming a professional writer
  • Gather resources and materials needed
  • Choose a niche or category 
  • Practice writing
  • Learn how to edit your writing / hire an editor 
  • Apply to job postings / reach out to publishers 

Commitment and Discipline
If you’re chasing your dreams, you’ll need to develop commitment and discipline. Commitment is the concept of making an agreement or pledge to something. In this case, your commitment will be to yourself and your dream. To really make your commitment stick, try writing it out in a journal, discussing it with loved ones, or posting it somewhere in your home that will be easily visible to you. The more you think about or talk about your commitment, the more it will stick.

Discipline is the concept of training yourself to follow the rules or stick to a plan. In this case, you will need to practice discipline in relation to chasing your dreams. This means creating a plan, setting goals, and sticking to them. Hold yourself accountable and push yourself to succeed. When practicing discipline, remember that consistency is key. Don’t expect perfectionism, as that will only lead to disappointment. Expect to make some mistakes from time to time, and practice self-compassion when you do.

What to do When Your Motivation is Low
We all experience low motivation from time to time, and it’s nothing to sweat. If you’re having a low-energy day, be kind to yourself and allow yourself to rest. However, if you’re having more low energy days than not, that’s a sign that something needs to change! 

Struggling to get out of bed can be a sign for various issues such as not getting enough sleep, not getting good quality sleep, depression, fatigue, etc. If this is something you struggle with frequently and you have already assessed your lifestyle choices to ensure they’re setting you up for success, you may consider seeking professional help.

See below for more tips on chasing your dreams:
  • Remember why you’re chasing that dream
  • Practice patience
  • Find inspiration
  • Visualize your life once you reach your dream
  • Treat yourself with love, compassion, and respect