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Why are our wellbeing offerings totally free?

Because we believe that Compassion Is Priceless.

We posit that happiness is a birthright of all and not a privilege of a few. Science has proven, without any doubt, that happiness during our adulthood is shaped by the experiences of our inner child.

Therefore, we are committed to breaking the vicious cycles of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) through compassion and play embedded in evidence-based science and ancient wisdom so your adult self can thrive.
We call it Wellbeing at Play™.

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(Re)write Your Narrative From One of Suffering to That of Inner Wellbeing

(Re)connect to the joy of your inner child through impactful micro-journeys that fit your lifestyle in modalities like voice coaching, humor, reflective writing, expressive art, no-mind Zen meditation, family constellations, and more.
    • Virtual micro-journeys
    • Custom corporate wellbeing experiences
    • Playful, habit-forming micro-practices
    • Best-in-class teachers
    • Evidence-based techniques

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The Karuna Philosophy


A Compassionate Selfless Desire
to Remove Suffering

“karuna” is a Sanskrit word that means the compassionate and selfless desire to remove suffering. It is this central concept of compassion that is the heartbeat of our organization. 
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When You Witness the Healing of Another, Your Journey of Healing Begins With It.

Our founder, Arun Sardana, witnessed this transformation firsthand when working with about 300 abused children in Costa Rica. The results of this simple philosophy were so profound, that this became a foundation of our belief system.
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Compassion is Priceless

The World's First
Zero-Cost Inner Child Wellbeing Platform

At our core, we are disruptors. That is why we have made Karuna and its research-backed inner child healing platform totally free. Our entire organization is designed and aligned to break down the barriers between wellbeing programs and those who seek it.
Because happiness is a birthright of all and not a privilege of a few.
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(Re) Discover Your Inner Joy and Peace

Become a member and gain ZERO-COST access to the entire collection of
evidence-based inner child wellbeing micro-journeys